The Organizer

Clive Lovett is a board game enthusiast and an aspiring game designer.  Foremost, he is a husband and father and is fortunate that his wife and 7 year old daughter not only like to play board games but also support him in his board game endeavours.

Clive was the driving force behind the Kamloops local board game convention, BIGCON and the board game design group, G+ GameLab.  G+ GameLab is a Google+ group that uses G+ hangouts to share board game designs and ideas about board game designs with people across the globe.

He also has started up a small consulting business, GAMED.  GAMED is a business that promotes the use of board games in the classroom.  Clive has hosted, and will be hosting many more, family game nights for elementary schools.  These game nights have proven to build excitement towards board games in the schools.  One school, with Clive’s assistance, is starting to add board games to its library.  GAMED also provides professional development to teachers.  These professional development sessions include: using board games in the classroom, ideas for game design projects, and gamification in the classroom.

When not being a father, husband, and board gamer he can be found coaching soccer, playing golf, chatting on BGG, blogging or watching his favourite UK TV shows.


One Response to The Organizer

  1. Diane says:

    Hi Clive,
    Like you I recently attended a Game jam that was very inspirational– and this was a Board Game Jam in Toronto last month. I surprised myself by designing two games over the weekend! I am all about disrupting education by having children (and youth) design their own gamified ways of learning. I am looking forward to collaborating with you by getting your gameful projects more exposure through my portal that will be launched virtually soon.

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