An Introduction


The Global Board Game Design Jam is a new venue for game designers to collaborate on new game designs. Over 48 hours, teams will work in locations across the globe to come up with a working prototype of their new idea. The only restriction will be a theme on which the teams will base their design. There are no boundaries. Designers are only limited by their creativity (and of course the time restraints).

Teams can consist of anyone interested in game design or aspects of game design.  If you wish to lead a team then you may want to recruit graphic artists, writers or anyone else who may be able to contribute to your project.  You may host your group in any location you desire – at your FLGS, as part of a University design class or at a friend’s house…wherever works.  Your team should have a minimum of 4 interested people.  Your gathering may have as many people who want to participate – the more the merrier.   Of course, if you have a lot of people then you may want to split into several smaller groups.

This is not a unique idea.  There is already a Global Game Jam for video gamers.  Last January over 200 groups from 44 countries participated in a Jam where 26 video games were designed in a 48 hour window.

It is hoped this venture will inspire people to share ideas, have fun and design games.  The expectations are not to have a game ready for publication but to learn from each other, to create a game idea to the extent the time allows and to build a global community of game designers beyond what is already available.

This is just the seed of the idea…More to follow…


About Clive
Just an average guy who loves board games, movies, musics, books, comic books, video games and anything else fun.

13 Responses to An Introduction

  1. Simon says:

    Hi, I really really like your idea, I think it’s will be pretty cool and our team I surely willing to take part of that event, we are from Montreal, CA. I also saw that you talk about a g+Lab with discussion and thing like that, can you send me more info about that?

    thanks again and when do you think you’ll held the game design jam?

  2. Clive says:

    Hi – thanks for the post. I am planning on a weekend in September or October for the Jam. I have sent you an email with some information about the G+ hangouts.

  3. alexweldon says:

    Assuming Simon means Montreal, QC and not Montreal, CAlafornia (which I don’t think exists), I will totally hook up with his team and participate.

  4. This sounds great! I’d love to organize a SE Michigan site, based in Ann Arbor. (My contact info is on my website.) We have a great board game/comic book store on Main Street that might be interested in hosting and a Protospiel event/group in July.

    Clive, I posted your link at my Roll and Shuffle discussion group at

    • Clive says:

      Thanks Lorraine! I hope this thing just evolves and grows and grows. Maybe we can chat on G+ hangout in a couple of weeks and see what kind of monster I have created 🙂

  5. designersen says:

    Hey Clive – I’ve posted this link to a bunch of my designer colleagues in the Game Artisans of Canada.

    We’ve got designers in Ottawa, Edmonton/Calgary, Vancouver/Victoria, Toronto/Hamilton, London/Kitchener, etc. who might be interested in partaking in your pecan pie…errr…I mean this Game Jam.

    Do you have a date in mind?

    • Clive says:

      Hi – thanks for passing the message on. I gather you know a fellow gamer/friend, Mark Klassen. I am hoping he will host a group in the Fraser Valley.

  6. If this is happening in the summer time, I may be able to host a Maine/NH group. I’m based in the Portland area, which isn’t terribly far from NH (about 2 hours).

  7. Cliff Hicks says:

    I’d certainly be interested in this if there’s something in the San Francisco Bay area. (San Jose’s ideal, but I don’t mind driving anywhere around the Bay.)

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